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Festive festivities of "Nauryz Meiramy" will be held in ICBC "Khorgos"

Festive festivities of "Nauryz Meiramy" will be held in ICBC "Khorgos"

Festive festivities of "Nauryz Meiramy" will be held in ICBC "Khorgos"

Traditional festive events dedicated to "Nauryz Meiramy" will be held on the territory of ICBC "Khorgos" from March 23 to 26.

Within the framework of “Nauryz Meryamy”, the fair of goods of domestic production, mainly food products, will be launched on the Kazakhstan part of ICBC "Khorgos". Support and promotion of Kazakhstani export is one of the many tasks facing ICBC "Khorgos", for this unique conditions for doing business have been created, entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan and China can conclude trade transactions on the territory of the Center, while not issuing visas, in addition, Kazakhstan citizens can Visit ICBC "Khorgos" on identity cards.

"The agroindustrial complex of Kazakhstan has a promising future. In many respects, we can be one of the world's largest producers of agricultural exports. Especially for the production of organic food. The brand "made in Kazakhstan" should become the standard of such products, "President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev noted in the annual message to the people of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan trade rows will be represented by semi-finished products, including meat, flour products, ice cream, vegetable and butter and other products. Participation in the trade fair was confirmed by the companies of Almaty and Almaty region: LLP «Шин-Лайн», LLP «СПК МёдKZ», LLP «СПК Майтобе Ет», LLP «Каздуман» etc. Applications for participation in the trade fair are accepted by LLP "Khorgos-Kommerts"*. The trade fair is a good opportunity for domestic entrepreneurs to expand the market for their products and conclude preliminary agreements with Chinese partners.

In the days of the celebration, the thematic yurts will be installed on the “Samruk” square: “El Orda”, Ulttyk Koloner, “Unity of the People of Kazakhstan”, “Zhar Zhar” and other traditions of the Kazakh and other nomadic peoples.

Traditional events will be supplemented by a rich cultural program with the support of the Culture Department of the Akimat of Panfilov rayon and sports competitions between the teams of Kazakhstan and China in “Kazakh kuresi” and “kokpar”.

According to Rauan Akkeshin, Chief Executive Officer of ICBC "Khorgos" JSC: "Sports are an integral part of Nauryz, they symbolize the awakening and renewal after a long winter. Kazakh kuresi and kokpar are one of the ancient sports of the Kazakhs. It is worth noting that in 2016, UNESCO introduced the Kazakh kuresi to a representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind".

*Information: LLP "Khorgos-Kommerts" - JSC's "ICBC "Khorgos" subsidiary organization, contact phone: +7-72831-7-99-01 (internal 070). 

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