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6,500 Chinese people visited the fair in ICBC "Khorgos"

6,500 Chinese people visited the fair in ICBC "Khorgos"

 6,500 Chinese people visited the fair in ICBC "Khorgos"

The annual festive fair timed to the celebration of Nauryz Meiramy was held on the territory of the International Center for Boundary Cooperation "Khorgos".

Trade tents with products "Made in Kazakhstan" were in great demand among Chinese tourists who noted the environmentally friendly production and high quality of Kazakhstan products.

On trade shops, entrepreneurs from Almaty and Almaty region exhibited dairy, flour, confectionery, beekeeping products, handicrafts, which are also in high demand.

Elena Mikhailovna Borodina, the head of the peasant farm “Borodino” from the East Kazakhstan area participates in the trade fair for the second time, in 2014 her farm sold 2 tons of honey. "For us, the trade fair is primarily a good opportunity to establish contacts with the Chinese, they love our products. This time I brought 500 kg of honey and almost bought everything. I hope that the fair will be held constantly, it helps a lot the domestic producers," Elena Borodina said.

The atmosphere of the holiday was complemented by a concert program with the performance of folk groups and tasting of the traditional festive dish - Nauryz kozhe.

During the event there were competitions on national sports - kokpar and Kazakh kuresi between the teams of Kazakhstan and China, summing up the contest of children's drawings among schoolchildren of the city of Zharkent.

With a score of 5:2 for 7 weight categories, the Kazakhstan team won in kazakh kuresi. Almalyk village team also from Kazakhstan became a winner in kokpar

The winners of the contest of children's drawings among junior classes were: D.Saidinova boarding school № 6. Middle classes: G.Azizova secondary school named after A.V. Lunacharsky, Senior classes: A.Esperov secondary school named after Ch.Ualikhanov. All the winners were awarded memorable gifts, letters and prizes.

According to Kakharman Jazin, President of ICBC JSC "Khorgos", support and promotion of Kazakhstan export is one of the key tasks facing the Center. To this end, conditions are created for running a successful business.

"The trade fair gives good opportunities for domestic entrepreneurs to expand the market for their products, strengthen partnerships, develop cooperation with business circles," he said.

The organization in ICBC "Khorgos" with the participation of producers of various thematic fairs, stimulating the sale and export of domestic products, will be on a permanent basis.

 Press Service of ICBC "Khorgos" JSC