АО «Международный центр приграничного сотрудничества «Хоргос»

The Khorgos International Centre of Boundary Cooperation JSC is a public company established under the Agreements between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Government of the People's Republic of China for the purpose of creation of the Khorgos International Center for Transfrontier Cooperation at the Kazakhstan and China border in the Panfilov district of Almaty region.

2 million tourists visited ICBC "Khorgos"

2 million tourists visited ICBC "Khorgos"

2 million tourists visited ICBC "Khorgos"

On March 16, 2017, at 09:30, a two millionth visitor passed through the border control of the International Center of Boundary Cooperation "Khorgos". They became a citizen of Kazakhstan Zhusipova Saltanat Kenzhalykzy from the city of Lenger, South Kazakhstan region. Saltanat Kenzhalykyzy heads a small enterprise LLP "Polygraph 206".

Awarding a memorable gift will be held on March 23, 2017 in the framework of the celebration of "Nauryz Meiramy-2017" in the territory of ICBC "Khorgos".

The rapid growth of the tourist flow from the Kazakh side is due to the introduction from 1 November 2016 of a pass of citizens of Kazakhstan on identity cards. Every day ICBC "Khorgos" is visited by an average of 2500-3000 people. According to the forecast in 2017 from the Kazakh side, the total number of visitors will be more than 850 thousand. For comparison, in 2016 ICBC "Khorgos" visited 671 thousand, in 2015 - 509 thousand people.

 Press Service of ICBC "Khorgos" JSC