АО «Международный центр приграничного сотрудничества «Хоргос»

LLP "Khorgos-Service"

Full name of the company is as follows:


- in the state language: - «Хоргос-Сервис» жауапкершілігі шектеулі серіктестігі
- in the Russian language: -
товарищество с ограниченной ответственностью «Хоргос-Сервис»

-in English: - Limited Liability Partnership “Khorgos-Service”


The Partnership performs the following activities:

  • production and economic activities in the field of municipal and residential housing and other infrastructure support systems of the International Center of Border Cooperation “Khorgos”;
  • transport services to the International center of border cooperation "Khorgos";
  • service, technical maintenance and repairs of vehicles, equipment (machinery) of the International Center of  Border Cooperation “Khorgos”;
  • improvement of the International Center of Border Cooperation “Khorgos”;
  • transportation and forwarding services for carriage of goods and passengers by all transportation means, cargo handling in ports inside and outside the Republic of Kazakhstan which are not included in the field of natural monopoly;
  • advertising services;
  • Services in accommodation of advertising;
  • production of printing products and blanks (blanks, chips, branded files);
  • production, transmission and distribution of electric and thermal energy, providing hot and cold water to the population, enterprises, institutions and organizations;
  • maintenance, construction and commissioning, major, preventive and current repairs of boiler houses, boilers, heating, electric, water supply and sewage systems and housing engineering system;
  • commercial activities, and expert-import transactions on purchase and sale of products and consumer goods;
  • design, implementation of civil, construction and installation, repair and construction, commissioning works;
  • construction of industrial, commercial, residential and other social facilities;
  • other activities unprohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The partnership provides for temporary use (lease) special equipment:

  • Bulldozer T180D, made in PRC, spherical shovel, 55º angle of shovel pitch, the volume of earth moved by the shovel is 3088 m³.
  • Pneumatic-tiered excavator JYL 161-3, made in PRC, 0.8 m³ bucket capacity, 3000 mm bucket beam radius, 7150 mm excavation height, 7050 mm maximum excavation depth, 10400 mm excavation radius, 2300 kg operation weight.
  • Front-end loader LG 953, made in PRC, 5 tons capacity, 3 m³ bucket capacity, 3197 mm maximum hoisting height.
  • Trick crane LT1036, made in PRC, 40 tons maximum lift weight, 38m hoisting height.
  • Cherry picker PUYUAN, 250 kg service platform capacity, 25 m hoisting capacity.
  • Vacuum machine KO-503V on the basis of GAZ-3307, 3.75 m³ tank capacity.
  • Dumper HOWO, made in PRC, 25 tons capacity, overall body dimensions 5400/2300/1500 mm.

Contact us:

- Legal address:

28 Ten In Ger, selo imeni Golovatskogo, Panfilovskiy rayon, Almatinskaya oblast, zip code B55K5G3, Republic of Kazakhstan

-Actual address:

The Republic of Kazakhstan, Almatinskaya oblast, Panfilovskiy rayon, the area of the ICBC "Khorgos", the checkpoint-1 complex, multifunctional building (MFB) unit "B"

e.mail: horgosservice@mail.ru

Director of LLP "Khorgos-Service" – Ardak Nugmanov