АО «Международный центр приграничного сотрудничества «Хоргос»

The Khorgos International Centre of Boundary Cooperation JSC is a public company established under the Agreements between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Government of the People's Republic of China for the purpose of creation of the Khorgos International Center for Transfrontier Cooperation at the Kazakhstan and China border in the Panfilov district of Almaty region.

Information about the project area

Kazakhstan Republic

Kazakhstan Republic — the country with the rich historical and cultural past. Located in the center of Eurasia Kazakhstan has appeared at a crossroads of the most ancient civilizations of the world, on crossing of transport arteries, social and economic, cultural and ideological communications between the East and the West, the South and the North, between Europe and Asia, between the largest state formations of the Eurasian continent.                                                                       The republic of Kazakhstan has rich stocks of minerals, extensive agricultural grounds, qualified personnel, considerable industrial potential. Today Kazakhstan has really working market economy.                                                       Today the basic source of economic growth is operation of raw potential of the country. In comparison with 1985 the volume of extraction of hydro carbonic raw materials has grown for 225 percent whereas all over the world extraction has increased less than in 1,3 times.                                                                         In republic economy it is involved an order of 30 billions US dollars of direct foreign investments. Investors know that today Kazakhstan – the reliable partner guaranteeing stability and providing mutually advantageous cooperation.   The financial system of Kazakhstan is recognized by one of the most progressive, and it is confirmed with leading international experts. Kazakhstan is  the first among the CIS countries has created National fund for maintenance of stable social and economic development, decrease in dependence on adverse external factors.                                                                                                                  Today in National fund it is accumulated 5 billion 300 million dollars. Gold and exchange currency reserves of the country taking into account National fund as a whole exceed 14 billion US dollars.                                                                      The geography of foreign trade which basically included the CIS in the first years of independence was considerably diversified also.                                 Kazakhstan consists of five large economic region:                             Northern Kazakhstan — the grain husbandry, extraction of iron ore and coal, mechanical engineering, manufacture of oil products and ferroalloys, power are developed.                                                                                                                   East Kazakhstan — nonferrous metals industry, power, mechanical engineering and a forestry.                                                                                        The Western Kazakhstan — the largest oil and gas extraction region.                   The Central Kazakhstan — black and nonferrous metal industry, mechanical engineering, animal industries.                                                                           

The Southern Kazakhstan — a clap, rice, wool, grain, fruit, vegetables, grapes; nonferrous metal industry , instrument making, easy and the food-processing industry, fish and a forestry are developed.


Almaty region

The Almaty region is known for presence of the richest natural resources and as it is service – trading – industrial agglomeration of the infrastructural, transport resources concentrated in a zone of influence of Almaty. Priority investment policy of Almaty region is development and creation viable the national goods and services, their advancement on the world markets.                                                 The resource, industrial and transport potential represents a wide spectrum of possibilities for capital investments, and favorable conditions available in the country allow to do business profitable.                                                                     Almaty area – nice side of the Kazakhstan earth which long since carries the name of Zhetysu – area? land of seven rivers.

The region has been formed on March, 10th, 1032. Since April, 14th, 2001 the regional center is the city of Taldykorgan.

The region is located in the extreme southeast of Kazakhstan Republic and borders in the east with China, in the south – with the Kirghiz republic, in the north – with the East Kazakhstan region, in the northwest  joins lake Balkhash, and in the west – Zhambyl region.

The territory of region makes 224 thousand in sq. km. The structure of the region includes 16 areas and 3 cities of regional submission (Taldykorgan, Kapshagai, Tekeli).

Population of the region  makes 1613,1 thousand persons.


The information on social and economic development

Panfilov district                                                                                    Administrative unit in the east of Almaty region  of  Kazakhstan. An administrative center – the city of Zharkent.                                                                      The territory of the region  makes 10.6 thousand in sq. km. From East side, down the river Horgos, there passes border of area with the Chinese National Republic, in the south, down the river Ili – with Uigur area of Almaty region, in the west – with Kerbulak region.                                                                                 The natural landscape of district is rich and various. Places of  Dzungarian Ala Tau are picturesque, Uitas, Oi-zhailyau. In area there are thermal sources of sanatorium «Kerim Agash» and "Zharkent Arasan", a medical dirt of lakes, reserves of stony coal in Tyshkansky and Sulubakansky fild, oil stocks on a site of "Kunduzdy".                                                                                                         In territory of district passes the Kazakhstan piece of the Great silk way.       Active dynamics of development of small business is observed.